A True Story of Hope through Unimaginable Loss

Cantin’s powerful memoir, Where Yellow Flowers Bloom, is a heartfelt testament of a mother’s love and a wife’s devotion in the midst of sudden loss and trauma, with an enlightened perspective on mortality. Through her patience, perseverance and willingness to be open to help and to heal, she confirms love’s ability to connect and transcend beyond life.
In the dark, at 3:30 am, a thirty-foot wave of mud and debris crashes down on her home – with Kim’s family inside. Life changed in an instant. Most devastating, her husband and teenage son have been swept away to their deaths. Miraculously, Kim and her daughter survive the unimaginable.
Where Yellow Flowers Bloom, is the story of a wife and a mother’s journey through loss and grief and the redemptive power of love even through death. This book takes you on this mother’s fascinating journey to find her missing son as she follows her intuition, and becomes open to spiritual guidance and unmistakable synchronicities. Through tenacity and perseverance against insurmountable odds, Kim affirms that her husband and son are still with her.
This book is about hope. Despite the magnitude of loss and grief, yellow flowers grow in a place that they shouldn’t; this helps Kim see the beauty where there should be none. Indeed, Love found a way.
  • In a world going ever more awry, books such as 'Where Yellow Flowers Bloom'—the title’s meaning waits for you to find it—provide a candle in the darkness, shelter from the wind, and a loving hand on the center of your back when you’re feeling alone. Tragedy and loss give us our humanity, but community gives our humanity its fullest meaning, purpose, and expression.

  • The narrative and Kim have me hooked from the start. I admired how he handled her life following the accident. Her perseverance to find her son grew my admiration for her...provided me with an appreciation of the anguish that every person goes through when they lose something essential in their lives in an accident...incredibly moving.

  • In a world going ever more awry, books such as 'Where Yellow Flowers Bloom'—the title’s meaning waits for you to find it—provide a candle in the darkness, shelter from the wind, and a loving hand on the center of your back when you’re feeling alone. Tragedy and loss give us our humanity, but community gives our humanity its fullest meaning, purpose, and expression.

  • Where Yellow Flowers Bloom is more than a portrait of a family disaster. It's a riveting account of surviving climate change, tackling unimaginable grief processes over several losses, and a search for answers and resolution that was to carry mother and daughter through hell to the other side.

  • Cantin writes gracefully and honestly about unimaginable loss. Her courage and perseverance to find her son is a testament to her family. Her brave voice will have you grabbing your hankies in this gripping memoir.

  • This telling of unimaginable loss is captivating and inspiring. Cantin relates her experiences in a clear and vulnerable style, never presenting herself as a victim; she participates in healing activities even as she continues searching for her son.

  • Grief transforms into connections in Kim Cantin’s memoir Where Yellow Flowers Bloom, whose memories center on the 2018 Southern California mudflows...Moved along by gathered memories, this is a vulnerable text. Cantin’s language is raw...And evocative images arise throughout...The mudslide that is the book’s impetus lasted only a few minutes, but its effects linger. Written by one of its survivors, the memoir pays homage to the community members and family members who rallied to search for those who went missing.

  • This is an unbelievable story of triumph over tragedy. It takes the catastrophic experience of a natural disaster and provides a highly charged, emotionally riveting account of survival and healing. Kim Cantin, the author, is a wife and mother who lost her husband and son in a crushing mudslide and found the courage and strength to walk with her daughter through this deep, dark valley of the shadow of death. On a professional level, this book is a stunning achievement. On a personal level, I had to set it aside on multiple occasions as the powerful narrative swept over me in wave upon wave of emotion and pain.

  • Kim Cantin tells the terrifying story of what happened when she and her family are engulfed in a 2018 mudslide in Montecito that tore their house apart, destroyed a community, and brought tragic consequences. She explores in vivid detail that horrific night and how she gathered strength, physically and emotionally, to undertake a years-long search for the remains of her teenage son while processing her own trauma and that of her surviving daughter. Kim is a mama bear who refuses to give up—even in the face of opposition. Where Yellow Flowers Bloom is brave, insightful—and harrowing.

  • A gripping story of determination and resilience. Kim's journey reveals the fullness of the human experience. She takes you from agonizing loss to true growth thanks to the blessings of human kindness and the soul's gifts of strength, insights, and eternal love.

  • Inspiration rises from this heart-wrenching story like treasured possessions and cherished memories painfully extracted from the Montecito mud. How can one lose absolutely everything and go on with life? Kim Cantin shares a message of courageous resilience, dauntless determination, and undying hope. Her fascinating search through the enormous wreckage of her home, her town, and her life uncovers the power of human kindness, astonishing synchronicities from beyond our physical plane, and a deep 'knowing' that love is eternal. For anyone enduring great loss, this book may be a touchstone for navigating the journey of healing and rebirth.

  • Powerful! Where Yellow Flowers Bloom is a love story. And where there is love there is potential for grief. But at such a young age to lose one’s child and one’s spouse and one’s nest is beyond comprehension. It tests human existence. It is a personal story of catastrophe, loss, physical and emotional pain, then a story of working through the loneliness, emptiness, and acceptance of the permanence of loss to a story of healing and establishing a new life.

  • Where Yellow Flowers Bloom shows the awakening of goodness to counterbalance the devastation of a tragedy and loss. Kim Cantin's heart-rendering chronicle of her sudden and inconceivable loss of her husband, son, dog, and home is captivating and unforgettable. Her courageous recovery journey is an indelible testimony to the healing power and personal transformation of loving community support coupled with spiritual guidance and faith in finding her son's remains. Her book is an outstanding accomplishment. Kim Cantin has not squandered any of her trials and tribulations but rather transformed them into soulful reflections for readers. Congratulations.

  • In Where Yellow Flowers Bloom Cantin shares with us her unbelievable journey through tragedy and its aftermath. It is about her grit and determination to find her son and all the people who helped her along the way. While the book could have focused on all that was lost, it instead tells an inspirational and beautifully written story of resilience, hope, and love. Cantin draws us into her world so that we feel like we are there cheering her on every step of the way, I had a hard time putting it down! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting read about the strength of the human spirit and the power of a caring community.

  • Kim invites us to traverse the debris fields of devastation, grief, and loss as she tenaciously and heroically searches for her son’s body. Although the mudslide demolished her family and life, guided by her heart and her gut she expanded and transformed darkness into light, loss into hope, and faith into homecoming. Readers will be in awe at how the unseen forces of kindness, intuition, synchronicities, and cutting-edge science come together and affirm that even when it seems darkest, light can find us all and shine.

  • Where Yellow Flowers Bloom is about a mother’s love, strength, and absolute perseverance in the face of unimaginable tragedy. It is a story of resilience and survival. It is for anyone who desires to look at life differently; to accept intuition and findings that might normally be shrugged off to coincidence. Kim has evolved from a highly driven and respected executive to a woman that sees life differently now: possessing a knowledge – a spirituality – that can change the way you look at and deal with life’s challenges. It has changed my life, knowing without reservation, that there is a higher power watching over us.

Kim Cantin enjoyed a twenty-year career in sales and marketing leadership in medical devices working for a Fortune 500 company. She met her loving husband Dave at Johnson and Johnson, and they started a family with two great kids and their goofy dog. Later Kim created her own successful marketing consulting firm and eventually worked as a senior director of marketing for Teleflex Urology.

After the devastating mudslides of January 2018 and surviving the experience, she felt compelled to write her first book, Where Yellow Flowers Bloom, with the hope that it will help and inspire others. She is still an active member of the Santa Barbara community. When she isn’t spending time with her daughter, friends, or family, she is with her two pups.


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